Guidelines for Foreign Researcher


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<Table of Contents>

A. How to Apply

B. General Information

C. Other Useful Links




How to Apply

1. Having an interview with JongBhak(

2. Obtaining a visa(Either of these : E-3, D-10, C-4)

- Application forms

3. Signing a contract between you and UNIST

4. Submitting documents for a foreigner registration ID known as alien registration card(외국인등록증카드)

(a) or changed activity status in Korea

(b) to the Korean Immigration Office -eg. from student in Korea to researcher

5. Application forms for Korean Immigration Office

(Mandatory registration prior to arrival to Immigration Office via E-application)

*Note that document submission via fax is for D-10 only

6. Waiting for application result/ Alien registration card pick up



General Information

1. UNIST has a dormitory apartment for researchers.

- Payment Amount


- Picture of Residence room


2. If you are interested in Korean and Korean culture, we can support you to study in Language Education Center of UNIST.



Other Useful Links

- Korea Immigration Service(출입국관리사무소)

- UNIST Graduate School Admissions(유니스트 대학원 입학 안내)

- UNIST Language Education Center(유니스트 언어교육센터)