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Year Title Publisher
2020 The whale shark genome reveals how genomic and physiological properties scale with body size PNAS

Korean Genome Project: 1094 Korean personal genomes with clinical information 번역본


The Origin and Composition of Korean Ethnicity Analyzed by Ancient and Present-Day Genome Sequences 번역본

Genome Biology and Evolution

Decoding a Highly Mixed Kazakh Genome

Human Genetics

Whole Genome Analysis of the Red-Crowned Crane Provides Insight into Avian Longevity

Molecules and Cells



Brca2 Abrogation Engages With the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres via Break-Induced Replication 번역본

The FEBS Journal

Chromosome-scale Assembly Comparison of the Korean Reference Genome KOREF From PromethION and PacBio With Hi-C Mapping Information


Combinatory Analysis of Cell-free and Circulating Tumor Cell DNAs Provides More Variants for Cancer Treatment

Anticancer Research

Comparison of Exercise Electrocardiography and Magnetocardiography for Detection of Coronary Artery Disease Using ST-segment Fluctuation Score

IOS Press

Depression and Suicide Risk Prediction Models Using Blood-Derived Multi-Omics Data 번역본

Translational Psychiatry

The Draft Genome of an Octocoral, Dendronephthya Gigantea 번역본

Genome Biology and Evolution

The Galleria Mellonella Hologenome Supports Microbiota-Independent Metabolism of Long-Chain Hydrocarbon Beeswax

Cell Reports

The Genome of the Giant Nomura's Jellyfish Sheds Light on the Early Evolution of Active Predation 번역본

BMC Biology
Investigation of Hanwoo-specific Structural Variations Using Whole-Genome Sequencing Data Genes & Genomics
Raptor Genomes Reveal Evolutionary Signatures of Predatory and Nocturnal Lifestyles 번역본 Genome Biology
Sequencing and Analysis of the Whole Genome of Indian Gujarati Male 번역본 Genomics


2018 Genomic Analysis Reveals Secondary Glioblastoma After Radiotherapy in a Subset of Recurrent Medulloblastomas Acta Neuropathologica
Genomic Structure of the Native Inhabitants of Peninsular Malaysia and North Borneo Suggests Complex Human Population History in Southeast Asia Human Genetics
Grading System for Periodontitis by Analyzing Levels of Periodontal Pathogens in Saliva PLoS One
KoVariome: Korean National Standard Reference Variome Database of Whole Genomes With Comprehensive SNV, Indel, CNV, and SV Analyses 번역본 Scientific Reports
Magnetocardiography Scoring System to Predict the Presence of Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation
Whole Genome Sequencing and Bioinformatics Analysis of Two Egyptian Genomes 번역본 Gene



Analysis of the FGF Gene Family Provides Insights Into Aquatic Adaptation in Cetaceans Scientific Reports
Corrigendum: An Ethnically Relevant Consensus Korean Reference Genome Is a Step Towards Personal Reference Genomes 번역본 Nature Communications
Genome-wide Data From Two Early Neolithic East Asian Individuals Dating to 7700 Years Ago 번역본 ScienceAdvances
Myotis Rufoniger Genome Sequence and Analyses: M. Rufoniger's Genomic Feature and the Decreasing Effective Population Size of Myotis Bats 번역본 PLoS One
Perspectives Provided by Leopard and Other Cat Genomes: How Diet Determined the Evolutionary History of Carnivores, Omnivores, and Herbivores BMB Reports


2016 An Adaptive Detection Method for Fetal Chromosomal Aneuploidy Using Cell-Free DNA From 447 Korean Women BMC Medical Genomics
Comparison of Carnivore, Omnivore, and Herbivore Mammalian Genomes With a New Leopard Assembly Genome Biology
Comparison of Two High-Throughput Semiconductor Chip Sequencing Platforms in Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome in Early Pregnancy BMC Medical Genomics

An Ethnically Relevant Consensus Korean Reference Genome Is a Step Towards Personal Reference Genomes

Nature Communications
  The Genetics of an Early Neolithic Pastoralist From the Zagros, Iran Scientific Reports
Genomes of Coral Dinoflagellate Symbionts Highlight Evolutionary Adaptations Conducive to a Symbiotic Lifestyle Scientific Reports
RNA-Seq Analysis Reveals New Evidence for Inflammation-Related Changes in Aged Kidney Oncotarget
Short-term Calorie Restriction Ameliorates Genomewide, Age-Related Alterations in DNA Methylation Aging Cell


2015 Ancient Ethiopian Genome Reveals Extensive Eurasian Admixture Throughout the African Continent Science
Characterization of cetacean Numt and its application into cetacean phylogeny Genes & Genomics
The First Whole Genome and Transcriptome of the Cinereous Vulture Reveals Adaptation in the Gastric and Immune Defense Systems and Possible Convergent Evolution Between the Old and New World Vultures Genome Biology
Genome-wide Analysis of DNA Methylation Before-And After Exercise in the Thoroughbred Horse With MeDIP-Seq Molecules and Cells
Genomic Legacy of the African Cheetah, Acinonyx Jubatus Genome Biology
HEpD: A Database Describing Epigenetic Differences Between Thoroughbred and Jeju Horses Gene
HExDB: a database for epigenetic changes occurring after horse exercise Genes & Genomics
Insights Into the Evolution of Longevity From the Bowhead Whale Genome Cell Reports
Profiling Age-Related Epigenetic Markers of Stomach Adenocarcinoma in Young and Old Subjects Cancer Informatics
SLC15A2 Genomic Variation Is Associated With the Extraordinary Response of Sorafenib Treatment: Whole-Genome Analysis in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma Oncotarget
Whole Genome Sequencing of an Ethnic Pathan (Pakhtun) From the North-West of Pakistan BMC Genomics


2014 The Feasibility Study of Non-Invasive Fetal Trisomy 18 and 21 Detection With Semiconductor Sequencing Platform PLoS One
Genome-wide Analysis of DNA Methylation Patterns in Horse BMC Genomics
Genomic Profile Analysis of Diffuse-Type Gastric Cancers Genome Biology
Identification and Characterization of MicroRNAs in Normal Equine Tissues by Next Generation Sequencing PLoS One
Minke Whale Genome and Aquatic Adaptation in Cetaceans 번역본 Nature Genetics
New Lung Cancer Panel for High-Throughput Targeted Resequencing Genomics & Informatics
PPP1R1B-STARD3 Chimeric Fusion Transcript in Human Gastric Cancer Promotes Tumorigenesis Through Activation of PI3K/AKT Signaling Oncogene
Whole-genome Analysis of a Patient With Early-Stage Small-Cell Lung Cancer Pharmacogenomics
Comprehensive Genome- And Transcriptome-Wide Analyses of Mutations Associated With Microsatellite Instability in Korean Gastric Cancers BMC Genomics
Whole Genome Sequence and Analysis of the Marwari Horse Breed and Its Genetic Origin BMC Genomics


2013 Comprehensive Genome- And Transcriptome-Wide Analyses of Mutations Associated With Microsatellite Instability in Korean Gastric Cancers Genome Research
The Genetic Basis of White Tigers Current Biology
iAnn: An Event Sharing Platform for the Life Sciences Bioinformatics
Peeling Back the Evolutionary Layers of Molecular Mechanisms Responsive to Exercise-Stress in the Skeletal Muscle of the Racing Horse  DNA Research
The Tiger Genome and Comparative Analysis With Lion and Snow Leopard Genomes 번역본 Nature Communications
Whole genome comparison of donor and cloned dogs Scientific Reports


2012 De Novo Transcriptome Sequencing of Momordica Cochinchinensis to Identify Genes Involved in the Carotenoid Biosynthesis Plant Molecular Biology
Genetic dating indicates that the Asian–Papuan admixture through Eastern Indonesia corresponds to the Austronesian expansion PNAS
Low Budget Analysis of Direct-To-Consumer Genomic Testing Familial Data F1000Research
MetaBase--the Wiki-Database of Biological Databases Nucleic Acids Research
A Public Resource Facilitating Clinical Use of Genomes PNAS
Whole transcriptome analyses of six thoroughbred horses before and after exercise using RNA-Seq BMC Genomics


2011 BetaDock: Shape-Priority Docking Method Based on Beta-Complex Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
Gene Expression Pattern in Transmitochondrial Cytoplasmic Hybrid Cells Harboring Type 2 Diabetes-Associated Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups PLoS One
Identification of Close Relatives in the HUGO Pan-Asian SNP Database PLoS One
Liverome: A Curated Database of Liver Cancer-Related Gene Signatures With Self-Contained Context Information BMC Genomics
Mutational Hotspots in the Mitochondrial Genome of Lung Cancer Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
PanSNPdb: The Pan-Asian SNP Genotyping Database PLoS One
Population Genetic Structure of Peninsular Malaysia Malay Sub-Ethnic Groups PLoS One


2010 Alpha-glucosidase Folding During Urea Denaturation: Enzyme Kinetics and Computational Prediction Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Differential Evolutionary Rates of Neuronal Transcriptome in Aplysia Kurodai and Aplysia Californica as a Tool for Gene Mining Journal of Neurogenetics
The Effect of Trifluoroethanol on Tyrosinase Activity and Conformation: Inhibition Kinetics and Computational Simulations Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Gene Flow Between the Korean Peninsula and Its Neighboring Countries PLoS One
Kinetics of Zn(2+)-induced Brain Type Creatine Kinase Unfolding and Aggregation Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
PDBWiki: Added Value Through Community Annotation of the Protein Data Bank Database
A Proposal for the Revision of Molecular Boundary Typology Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
Protein Network Prediction and Topological Analysis in Leishmania Major as a Tool for Drug Target Selection BMC Bioinformatics
Sphericity of a Protein via the Beta-Complex Journal of Molecular Graphs and Modelling
Structural Analysis and Inhibitory Kinetics of Brain Type Creatine Kinase by Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Systematic Cyanobacterial Membrane Proteome Analysis by Combining Acid Hydrolysis and Digestive Enzymes With Nano-Liquid chromatography-Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry Journal of Chromatography A
Whole-genome Sequencing and Intensive Analysis of the Undomesticated Soybean (Glycine Soja Sieb. And Zucc.) Genome PNAS


2009 BioBarcode: a general DNA barcoding database and server platform for Asian biodiversity resources BMC Genomics
COMUS: Clinician-Oriented locus-specific MUtation detection and deposition System BMC Genomics
DNA microarray analyses and interactomic predictions for atopic dermatitis Journal of Dermatological Science
Dysregulated genes of extrinsic type of atopic dermatitis: 34K microarray and interactomic analyses Journal of Dermatological Science
The effects of acrylamide on brain creatine kinase: inhibition kinetics and computational docking simulation International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
The first Korean genome sequence and analysis: full genome sequencing for a socio-ethnic group Genome Research
Gevab: a prototype genome variation analysis browsing server BMC Bioinformatics
The Korean Bird Information System (KBIS) through open and public participation BMC Bioinformatics
Mapping human genetic diversity in Asia Science
MitoInteractome: mitochondrial protein interactome database, and its application in 'aging network' analysis BMC Genomics
MitoVariome: a variome database of human mitochondrial DNA BMC Genomics

PDbase: a database of Parkinson's disease-related genes and genetic variation using substantia nigra ESTs  

BMC Genomics
   Planning the human variome project: the Spain report Human Mutation
Profiling the dysregulated genes of keratinocytes in atopic dermatitis patients: cDNA microarray and interactomic analyses Journal of Dermatological Science
PutidaNET: interactome database service and network analysis of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 BMC Genomics
ssSNPTarget: genome-wide splice-site Single Nucleotide Polymorphism database Human Mutation
Transcriptome and protein domain analyses in Aplysia nervous system with evolutionary implications Communicative & Integrative Biology


2008 Automatic synchronization and distribution of biological databases and software over low-bandwidth networks among developing countries Bioinformatics
Cyanobacterial hybrid kinase Sll0043 regulates phototaxis by suppressing pilin and twitching motility protein Journal of Microbiology
The effect of histidine residue modification on tyrosinase activity and conformation: inhibition kinetics and computational prediction Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
Identification of gene-related Korean patents and construction of a database server for Korean patent sequences Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering
An integrated database-pipeline system for studying single nucleotide polymorphisms and diseases BMC Bioinformatics
An integrated Korean biodiversity and genetic information retrieval system BMC Bioinformatics
MassNet: a functional annotation service for protein mass spectrometry data Nucleic Acids Research
Personal Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Variomics Genomics & Informatics
Pocket extraction on proteins via the Voronoi diagram of spheres Journal of Molecular Graphs and Modelling
Predicting the interactome of Xanthomonas oryzae pathovar oryzae for target selection and DB service BMC Bioinformatics
Prediction and evaluation of protein-protein interaction in keratinocyte differentiation Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Proteomic approaches to the analysis of atopic dermatitis and new insights from interactomics Proteomics - Clinical Applications
SNP@Promoter: a database of human SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) within the putative promoter regions BMC Bioinformatics
Structural Bioinformatics Analysis of Disease-related Mutations Genomics & Informatics
SynechoNET: integrated protein-protein interaction database of a model cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 BMC Bioinformatics
Transcriptome analysis and identification of regulators for long-term plasticity in Aplysia kurodai PNAS


2007 Biological Object Downloader (BOD) Service for Easy Download and Management of Biological Databases Genetics & Informatics
CONSORF: a consensus prediction system for prokaryotic coding sequences Bioinformatics
Genomic distribution of simple sequence repeats in Brassica rapa Molecules and Cells
GS2PATH: a web-based integrated analysis tool for finding functional relationships using gene ontology and biochemical pathway data Bioinformation
Impact of transcriptional properties on essentiality and evolutionary rate Genetics
Multi-Resolution Protein Model Lecture Notes in Computer Science


2006 BioCC: An Openfree Hypertext Bio Community Cluster for Biology Genomics & Informatics
Developmental rate and ploidy of embryos produced by nuclear transfer with different activation treatments in cattle Animal Reproduction Science
Functional annotation and analysis of Korean patented biological sequences using bioinformatics Molecules and Cells
Localizome: a server for identifying transmembrane topologies and TM helices of eukaryotic proteins utilizing domain information Nucleic Acids Research
Parameter selection of pocket extraction algorithm using interaction interface Journal of Zhejiang University - SCIENCE A
Sequence-level analysis of the diploidization process in the triplicated FLOWERING LOCUS C region of Brassica rapa Plant Cell


2005 Architecture of basic building blocks in protein and domain structural interaction networks Bioinformatics
BioCovi: A Visualization Service for Comparative Genomics Analysis Genomics & Informatics
BioSubroutine: an Open Web Server for Bioinformatics Algorithms and Subroutines Genomics & Informatics
Comparative interactomics analysis of protein family interaction networks using PSIMAP (protein structural interactome map) Bioinformatics
Euclidean Voronoi diagrams of 3D spheres and applications to protein structure analysis Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
HExDB: Human EXon DataBase for Alternative Splicing Pattern Analysis Genomics & Informatics
A protein domain interaction interface database: InterPare BMC Informatics
PSIbase: a database of Protein Structural Interactome map (PSIMAP) Bioinformatics


2004 The association of Alu repeats with the generation of potential AU-rich elements (ARE) at 3' untranslated regions BMC Genomics
The Atom of Evolution Genomics & Informatics
High Correlation between Alu Elements and the Conversion of 3' UTR of mRNAs Processed Pseudogenes Genomics & Informatics
HPID: the Human Protein Interaction Database Bioinformatics
Large-scale co-evolution analysis of protein structural interlogues using the global protein structural interactome map (PSIMAP) Bioinformatics
Using convex hulls to extract interaction interfaces from known structures Bioinformatics


2003 Biological Network Evolution Hypothesis Applied to Protein Structural Interactome Genomics & Informatics
Challenges and New Approaches in Genomics and Bioinformatics Genomics & Informatics
Different activation treatments for successful development of bovine oocytes following intracytoplasmic sperm injection Zygote
Predicting Protein Interactions in Human by Homologous Interactions in Yeast Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Visualisation and graph-theoretic analysis of a large-scale protein structural interactome BMC Bioinformatics
Visualization and analysis of protein interactions Bioinformatics


2002 InterViewer: Dynamic Visualization of Protein-Protein Interactions Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Large scale statistical prediction of protein-protein interaction by potentially interacting domain (PID) pair Genomic Informatics
Protein Interactions in the Whole Human Genome Genome Informatics
Sequence similarity between stereocilin and otoancorin points to a unified mechanism for mechanotransduction in the mammalian inner ear BMC Cell Biology


2001 Conservation of protein interaction network in evolution Genome Informatics
A fully automatic evolutionary classification of protein folds: Dali Domain Dictionary version 3 Nucleic Acids Research
Generating protein interaction maps from incomplete data: application to fold assignment Bioinformatics
An Integrated Bioinformatic Search Server: Sequences, Structure, Interaction, and Function of Proteins (SSIF) Server Genome Informatics
Mapping protein family interactions: intramolecular and intermolecular protein family interaction repertoires in the PDB and yeast Journal of Molecular Biology
PartsList: a web-based system for dynamically ranking protein folds based on disparate attributes, including whole-genome expression and interaction information Nucleic Acids Research
Protein Classification Comparison Server Genome Informatics


2000 DaliLite workbench for protein structure comparison Bioinformatics
Estimating the significance of sequence order in protein secondary structure and prediction Bioinformatics
Fast assignment of protein structures to sequences using the intermediate sequence library PDB-ISL Bioinformatics
RSDB: representative protein sequence databases have high information content Bioinformatics
Sequence search algorithm assessment and testing toolkit (SAT) Bioinformatics


1998 DIVCLUS: an automatic method in the GEANFAMMER package that finds homologous domains in single- and multi-domain proteins Bioinformatics
Sequence comparisons using multiple sequences detect three times as many remote homologues as pairwise methods Journal of Molecular Biology
Structural assignments to the Mycoplasma genitalium proteins show extensive gene duplications and domain rearrangements PNAS


1997 Intermediate sequences increase the detection of homology between sequences Journal of Molecular Biology


1996 Protein structure prediction: playing the fold Trends in Biochemical Sciences
Update on protein structure prediction: results of the 1995 IRBM workshop Folding and Design


1995 Fold recognition and ab initio structure predictions using hidden Markov models and beta-strand pair potentials Proteins