KOGIC Data Sharing Protocol

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Korean Genome Project Data Sharing Procedure

(한국인 게놈사업 데이터 공유 요약)

Data Sharing Protocol  - (게놈정보 공유 절차 한글판)

[Reference - Data sharing protocols from other institutes]

[PPT] Survey on research data sharing

Data Sharing Website 

KOREF - the national standard reference genome

 - Publication (Link)
   An ethnically relevant consensus Korean reference genome is a step towards personal reference genomes
   Nat Commun. 2016; 7:1363

 - Database (Link)

KoVariome - the Korean National Standard Reference Variome

 - Publication (Link)
   KoVariome: Korean National Standard Reference Variome database of whole genomes with comprehensive SNV, indel, CNV, and SV analyses
   Sci Rep. 2018; 8(1):5677

- Database (Link)


Documents for contracts [KDSD - Kogic Data Sharing Documents]

* When you click links (KDSD), you can download documents.